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Last Updated 11-08-2018



Luminant Power & Mining

The SPG books for Luminant Mining Company are CLOSED and we do not have an expected date to reopen them.

The SPG books for Luminant Generating Company were recently opened for Martin Lake Generating in Tatum and Oak Grove Generating in Franklin.  The books have been closed and will reopen  for additional candidates at Luminant’s request.  Notification will be posted to this page if / when that occurs as well as notification to members by email and bulletin postings.

Luminant’s Minimum Requirements:

  • Valid Drivers License or a Copy — (An ID Card will not work!)
  • High School Diploma/Transcript or GED (copy)
  • All Candidates Must Pass a Background Check (day of signing)
  • Online Application (SPG CAREER POSTING should be online at Luminant.com the day of book signing.  ONLY applicants on the book and sent by our office will be considered for testing, interviews, and job fulfillment.
  • Luminant will do an extensive background check – No Felonies or current Warrants.  Additional information will be given at the sign ups.  If you have a question, email cheryl@ibew2337.com

The only locations active in the SPG process in the last few years have been Martin Lake Generating, Kosse Mine & Oak Grove Generating.  Unfortunately, due to 2018 closures, Monticello and Big Brown have been removed from the list below.  Martin Lake Mining has also been removed due to expected decreases over the next 5 years.

Current locations participating in the SPG Program.

  • Martin Lake Plant (Tatum Area)
  • Kosse Mine (Kosse Area)
  • Oak Grove Plant (Franklin Area)

Bookmark this page and check back for updates on book openings, closures and date changes.

For SPG Applicants who have already signed the books(s).                                                People who have not been removed for some reason & have not had an interview will remain on the books and be contacted for an interview if Luminant has a need to hire SPGs in the future.  If your contact information changes, email Cheryl with your current information. Make sure you have your book number before you call or email with updated information. If Luminant request more individuals than we have available on the book, we will post on this page at least 2 weeks in advance, when and where sessions will be held for applications.

The book location below is where the call out will begin on the next interview list requested from Luminant.         

KO/OG Mining 114-32             KO/OG Generating 116-08

ML2 Generating 38-33

Last Updated 10-03-2018

Office Administrator

Cheryl Sneed  –  cheryl@ibew2337.com


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