Financial Secretary/Business Manager/Delegate Int’l Convention – Randall Pierce

President – Jeff Stinnett

Vice President – Robert Browning

Recording Secretary – Keri Haden

Treasurer – Onetta Pierce

International Convention Delegates:

Jeff Stinnett

Robert Browning            

Onetta Pierce

Paul Shivers

Jim Skelly

Randy Davis

MARTIN LAKE                                                                BIG BROWN

Mining E-Board/Oak Hill – Troy Sunday                   Mining E-Board – Randy Davis

Mining E-Board/Beckville, Tatum & Railroad – Lee Mabry

Gen. E-Board –  Tracy Perry                                             Gen. E-Board – Mike Meadows

Unit Chairman – Lee Mabry                                              Unit Chairman – Randy Davis

Unit Vice-Chairman – Troy Sunday


 Mining E-Board Winfield South/Thermo – Mark Woods

Gen. E-Board – Lee Alsup     

Unit Chairman – D.J. Norris

Unit Vice-Chairman – Jamie Harris

OGSES                                                                                     KOSSE

 Gen. E-Board – Justin Spiller                                      Mining E-Board – Marty Sullivan

Unit Chairman – Robert Browning                           Unit Chairman – Robert Browning

Unit Vice-Chairman – Randy Spiller                         Unit Vice-Chairman – Randy Spiller

STRYKER CREEK                                                                DECORDOVA     

    (STC,VAL,COL,TRI,&DEC)                                    Unit Chairman – Open

Gas E-Board – Tommy Matthews                                      TRINIDAD

Unit Chairman – Open                                                        Unit Chairman – Open




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