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Luminant Power & Mining

Until further notice, the SPG books for the Luminant Mining Company are closed.  People who are on the books from previous book signings and have not had an interview will remain on the books and be contacted for an interview if Luminant needs to hire SPGs in the future.  If you are on the SPG books and your contact information changes, please call Johnna with your current information.  Make sure you have your book number before you call with updated information. 

Luminant Minimum Requirements:

  • Valid Drivers License—An ID Card will not work! (copy)
  • High School Diploma or GED (copy)
  • Printed Application from http://www.luminant.com
  • Background check will be ran before session begins


Your online application must be submitted as soon as possible.

 If your application is not online you will not be scheduled or allowed to interview.

 Step 1)  www.luminant.com

Step 2)  Click on the 5th tab – “Careers” (top right of screen)

Step 3)  Click on large blue button that reads “Apply Now”

Step 4)  The careers page will pull up and the left side displays opening search options. Type in (Req #11723 for Mining; and #11722 Lignite), in the box for “Requisition Number”, then select the View Jobs button below

Step 5)  The SPG position should pull up, and this will pull up the full job description. Click the blue “APPLY” near top right              

Step 6)  On following page, you will need to select Create an account

Step 7)  Complete all fields (be sure to use an email address that you check daily/often)

Step 8)  Complete all fields that are required by a red asterisk, hit next. This is your profile page

Step 9)  Full application page – Complete all fields that are required by the red asterisk. Uploading a resume document will be required. When done, hit “Apply” at bottom of page

Step 10)  You should receive an email notification that confirms your application was received

Mine & Generating Plant locations participating in the SPG Program.

  • Martin Lake Mine(s) (Beckville, Tatum, Oakhill Areas)
  • Martin Lake Plant (Tatum Area)
  • Monticello Mine (Mt. Pleasant Area)
  • Monticello Plant (Mt. Pleasant Area)
  • Thermo Mine (Sulphur Springs Area)
  • Big Brown Mine (Fairfield Area)
  • Kosse Mine (Kosse Area)
  • Oak Grove Plant (Franklin Area)

Bookmark this page and check back for updates on book openings, closures and date changes.

For SPG Applicants who have already signed the books(s).  The book location below is where the call out will begin on the next interview list requested from Luminant.         

KO/OG Mining 108-24                 KO/OG Generating 112-01

ML2 Mining 34-36                       ML2 Generating 37-13

MO Mining 82-02                          MO Generating 80-28

BB Mining 26-14                            TH Mining 134-07

Last Updated 04-23-2014

SPG Coordinator / Office Assistant

Johnna DeAguero  -  johnna2337@airmail.net

22 thoughts on “SPG Info

  1. hello..my name is terry vann.i am a member of local union716 ,,houston,tx. im late responding for i just found out tonight 11-29-12 …..7:50pm…i want to interview for fairfield project or any other project.thank you…my number is 903-880-3302

  2. I saw on luminant website where they are hiring SPG’s, just wondering if that means books are gonna open for the hiring process?

    • Those applying for the SPG requisition listed on the Luminant website are for the candidates that are already on the books and are going for an interview. Please follow our website and you will see when our books will open.

  3. I filled out a application when the books were open on Nov. 29,2012. My number in ML2 34-16. How do I tell when my number comes up.

  4. Hi, I worked as a tsp in 2009 in fairfield. I got another job after one of the morning meetings, because they hadnt gotten the contract on the other site to work. So it wasnt looking good for the tsp’s at that time. Do I have to go through the whole process to get hired back on.

    • If you signed our books and been through the process but not had an interview, please call our office or refer to the lower half of the SPG Info page to check your book number status. You were given a book number the day you signed the books. Should you need further information, please call 903-947-6451 and speak to Johnna.

  5. I am interested in working at the Martin Lake facility. Should I watch for job openings there,, then submit my application, or should I submit my application now?

    • You can submit your SPG application anytime the requisition is open. However, you will not have an interview for the SPG position until you have signed our books. Please continue to follow our website for future book signings.

    • At this time, we do not have an estimated time frame in which we will open the books. Please continue to follow our website for future openings.

      • I am wanting to sign the books and have been following page just wondering if you had an estimated time frame when they will reopen

      • Unfortunately, the need to open the books are determined by the needs of Luminant with regard to SPG workers. Please continue to follow our website once a week for the next opening.

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